This Girl’s Gone Mild

Howdy Buckaroos!

It was bound to happen.  I just love, love, love to write with pen in hand, transforming plain, white-bread thoughts into steaming hot gobbets of delicious, fresh-outta-the-oven, home-baked, drool-inducing wordage onto crispy sheets of paper.  However, am recently informed that I’m too young to be “old school” and way too generous to keep my thoughts all to myself… so without further ado, I invite you to partake in my equally substantial, totally nutritious, calorie-laden, cyber-generated blog:  Well Seasoned Woman.

p.s. Despite agonizing over witty, pithy, timely, and/or seemingly meaningful names, Well Seasoned Woman, herein referred to as WSW, is my attempt to be charitable, self-deprecating, and painfully honest.  uh huh.

Bon Apetite, enjoy!



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6 responses to “This Girl’s Gone Mild

  1. You’re the cleverest, hottest and sexiest woman I know, and now you blog, too. Perfection.

  2. About time. One question: Why WordPress? Almost the entire Rock Continuum uses Blogger techniques and tactics but you have gone into uncharted territory. I fooled with it before and gave up in half an hour. So again, why WordPress?

  3. Random Dude

    I just read on another blog that you’re drop dead gorgeous. Would you please post a picture of yourself so I can see. I get turned on by women who carry Leatherman multi-tools and other sharp objects. That just screams “Alaska girls kick ass!”.

  4. Welcome to Greater Blogtopia. Glad to have found you near the beginning of your writing.

  5. Beyondthechaff

    I know Well Seasoned can mean only one thing: Delicious! I’m thrilled you’ve started a blog. Can’t wait to see what goodies you’ll be dishing out.

  6. Yo Ferry Friend Forever

    That’s my GIRL! You are brilliant with words. You made me have a big ole smile, Thanks soo much!

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