Alaska’s Other Lipstick Ambassador

I wear lipstick.  Always have.  I wear it hunting, painting, walking in the rain, doing the laundry, or meeting the posse for a toddy.  I wore lipstick while giving birth.  My baby never noticed, but the midwife seemed quite flattered.

In faded photos, I am working on a longline boat that is deck-loaded with black cod, coiled gear, and yours truly sporting raingear, a fillet knife, and the prettiest shade of Copper River Red there ever was.

1,400 feet underground in a Montana goldmine, beneath a yellow hardhat, this gal wore Dolomite Pink stain, enhanced with just the slightest hint of Golden Geode gloss.  Didn’t care what the crew thought: I was too busy hauling cases of dynamite and samples of rock core up and down those dank, dirty mine shafts and absolutely required the sangfroid that luscious tubes of waxy, oily pigments seem to provide.

Furthermore, I raised my daughter with one cardinal maxim to take with her into adulthood:

Always carry a lipstick and a Leatherman tool wherever you go because what you can’t get done with one, you can generally accomplish with the other.

In other words, far as I’m concerned, lipstick always has been and always will be one of those absolute necessities that has, until quite recently, been a mere detail in the survival kits of savvy babes.

Enter the Pit bull.

The world got a little smaller the moment a certain fellow Alaskan made the nefarious analogy of lipstick on a pitbull as her signature statement.  All politics aside – why, oh why, must they sully the good name of lipstick?  Plenty of plucky, intelligent, fabulously average lipstick-wearin’ women are being maligned by this odious association and all the subsequent commentary that goes with it.

That said, I heartily encourage all chickee-babes to reclaim the moral decency that lip products once held.  Alaskan women – I’m especially talking to you!  Daub a little extra color on that pretty cupid’s bow before you field dress that moose or hook that halibut.   Whether you plan to be racing in the Iditarod or just going out to split up some BTU’s for the wood stove, choose a color with extra emollients and high SPF.  Alaskans are in the limelight now, and as ambassadors we should take this opportunity to shine!

WSW Bonus:  Click here for tips on choosing and applying shiny lipstick colors for any occasion!



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8 responses to “Alaska’s Other Lipstick Ambassador

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  2. Oh how I heart Ish for pointing me in your direction.

    Until TSA regs put a stop to all of the fun, I never left the house without (1) a tube of Chanel Brown Sugar and (2) my Swiss Army Knife (the corkscrew is essential).

    Great post – I’ll certainly be back!

  3. Ah, my two bestest blogging babes in one place: PJ and DustyB. Sigh.

  4. Beyondthechaff

    The lipstick-application tips were a nice touch. But where are the Leatherman-use instructions? Then again, you’re right. What am I saying? Alaska women need the former more than the latter; all of us have at least one Leatherman, and, of course, we already know how to use it.

  5. Cindy Fuglvog

    Great fun Deb. By the way, I dont go anywhere without my mascara: Longling, Herring fishing, Ponding, Crab Fishing, Deer Hunting, Even……when I rafted the Grand Canyon, yup, thats right Id put on the mascara every morning. It kind of fun to feel like a woman in a mans world. Oh, and every season before I put on those Extra Tuffs I paint my toes. Its my little secret that the guys cant see. I have a few other hidden “womanly” things under that rain gear that keep me smiling during a gale in the gulf when the waves are crashing over the boat. Its what seperates this woman from the men. Thanks for sharing, from another well seasoned woman.

  6. mamma's little chickee

    It’s true, I was raised with that fine advice and I definitely held to it until I started traveling for DDF in high school….they’ve taken away my knife at the airport so many times.
    love you mom!

  7. Yo Ferry Friend Forever

    You Go Girlfriend! You are so talented, gifted and going in the right direction. I am so proud to know and love you. KUDOS!

  8. Hello sweetie, nice site! I really appreciate this post.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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