My Fluffy Epiphanies

other fluffy things

other fluffy things

Am just beginning to realize that maintaining a blog is a lot of work.  Far more so than longhand journaling in the privacy of your own space.  For one thing, on the web, one must keep their audience captive.

One must be daring and fearless and of*ckingriginal AND should aim to spell words correctly.  Pretty much.  Even if you occasionally make them up.

One is expected to sacrifice a bit of personal identity, in order to be, if not politically correct, at least socially acceptable enough to not require that readers verify their age at the homepage. (Unless you want the sort of readership that even my Mother warned you about…)

One is expected to understand and comply with the laws of intellectual property, which basically state that bloggers can’t steal other bloggers shit (not actual shite, but words, ideas, or pictures that are not the sole and original property of said blogger.)

Furthermore, a blogger is absolutely, positively, and unequivacably expected to be accountable for every word one writes.  In Alaska, this is especially crucial, as the credentials for political office are getting skinnier every day and ya gotta cover yer ass.  I’m just sayin’… Just in case.

Bottom Line:  I love to write.  I wanna share.  My fluffy little epiphanies ain’t much more than the intellectual equivalent of Twinkies, but every now and then we all need our brain buds tantalized while our taste cells are swelling from the overload of contemporary living (i.e., politics, religion, economy, relationships, insert pet peeve here for more specific justification).

Bottom Line Below the Bottom Line: Don’t over-analyze this.  Just enjoy.  Here’s a link to someone else’s fluffy epiphanies.  I’m thinking you’ll be appreciating this blog after seeing that one.



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5 responses to “My Fluffy Epiphanies

  1. Random Dude

    Important question time: Now that Guy Richie and Madonna are officially splitting up, does this mean that Madonna will lose her fake English accent in the divorce? What say you WSW?

  2. Welcome to Alaska blogging, WSW!

    I love Sitka.

  3. Whoa… If those are the bloggin’ rules then I’m screwed!

  4. Epiphanies? Is that what you’re calling the girls now?

  5. Zee

    Deb! Your fuckin hilarious. Im looking forward to more.

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