Don’t It Make You Wanna VOTE?

While I am oh so tempted to blog on about the wacky antics and zany hi-jinks of our governor-in-absentia, I vowed to keep WSW as apolitical as possible – which essentially means that I am reduced to writing about things far more controversial than word-vomit inducing election commentaries that are already suffocating the web.  I mean, hey, if you really want my opinion, can’t you just pull my finger? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


What I would like to expound on, however, is the concept of pro-choice, because it is a topic that affects all women whether you are “well seasoned” or still just a bit damp behind the ears.

“But wait, WSW!” you clamor.  “Didn’t you just promise to be non-political?  Don’t you consider the whole Roe v. Wade issue to be a politically charged matter?  Do your words have no value?!”

As a matter of fact, I agree.   That is one hot topic and I intend to circumnavigate it entirely by zoning in on pro-choice as a relationship-oriented concept instead of as a consequence of too many margaritas and/or poor planning.  I am referring to the sort of men we sometimes shack up with that are so obnoxious, we are left wondering just how unpleasant the lesbian lifestyle really might be.  And I think you know what I am talking about here.  These are the men that were obviously raised by baboons.  They show up at your door, dragging those hairy knuckles across the entry-way with their goofy gap-toothed smiles, and you hear the soundtrack to The Deliverance playing in your head, and you think, “Hmmm…. he’s kind of cute.  We could maybe hook up.”

Weeks, months, maybe even years pass, and you wake up one day realizing that you ain’t getting any younger and he ain’t getting any better-looking.  Turns out he was an in-bred troll all along only thinly veiled as a Neanderthal (upgrade)… and now you gotta take him out on a one-way hunting trip.  Yup.  Think of it as Darwinism at work.  It’s time to cut the cord, because he is one of those men whose very existence justifies a pro-choice stance. You know the type: corn whiskey-swilling, chainsaw-wielding, children-eating, best friend-bedoinking, psycho from Hell that could make your panties fall down every time he entered a room.  With or without the classic movie soundtrack.

Therefore, on one hand it is your fault for letting him into your life.  On the other hand, it is his parents’ fault for giving him life.  Oh well, it’s a moot point now.  Best to just back away from the banjo and run straight to The Polls!

Make sure you choose wisely when you vote, because some accidents are preventable after all.

WSW consolation prize:  Click here to create your own word vomit!

* Thanks to ctatunderground for “word vomit” photo and to super-genius for the “deliverance” photo



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2 responses to “Don’t It Make You Wanna VOTE?

  1. Women who run with the Wolves

    Well Deb, you already know my thoughts and concerns re: our Governor. I have had a strange taste in my mouth about her views since she was running for Gov. Her treatment of Southeast Alaska, NOT living in the Gov. mansion and throwing Ketchikan under the bus re: the Bridge to Nowhere…..I am saying, “Thanks but NO thanks” to a hillbilly from Wasilly, anywhere near the Whitehouse!

    Also….my voice is hitting the same pitch as her’s and I am pointing my finger at no one in particular here and I am licking my lips….. minus the wink. Her idea of truth telling and my idea of truth telling, are quite opposit of each other. Did I get my pitch right here when I said that? My finger is still waving in the air.

    Now to go and check to see if my roof is still on my house….up all night with this high wind warning. CRAP we have been hammered all night long!!!

  2. Allan BullsEye Ladd

    Girl, You sure have a way with words 🙂

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