Invention of the Year

Look no further kids.  Today I found something that may very well ensure World Peace, protect us all from global warming, corrupt politicians, bad hair days, and at the very least: quite possibly enhance your odds of not going home alone every night.


It’s the Beer Buckle and the patent is pending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your Christmas list today!  Maybe I can finally do a little free-range trolling again… Yippee Skippee!



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6 responses to “Invention of the Year

  1. Baby, you do not have a problem getting guys to look at you. The problem is that they can’t take their eyes off you and subsequently run into things. Then of course, their verbal abilities go south and they wind up standing before you bruised, drooling and incoherent. But some women like that in a guy.

    As for the beer buckle itself… I’m thinking it needs a telescoping cup holder of some kind. You’ve got to stand mighty still for a beer container to stay put on that little tray. And do they make an extra large one that extends out past a well-seasoned beer drinker like mine’s beer belly?

  2. dustybee

    Ish, you flatter the beer batter right outta me.
    Now, as for the beer buckle itself… You have some legit concerns, and so I checked out the following link, which should have been the actual link in the story above: Some of your concerns are addressed, and others can certainly be brought before the Beer Buckle Board or whatever they call themselves.
    Hope this helps!

  3. And yet the inventor of that contraption will find success and I’ll continue to, well, HOLD my beer while out at bars (sigh).

  4. mamma's little chickee (now Calamity Jr.)

    You could even use this to hold your beer still in your lap while driving!
    Ha! I kid, and I am a kid. So yeah. Besides, you know I hate cars and belt buckles. ❤

  5. Paige,
    Somehow I doubt you drink beer. Wine (above $40/bottle) and classy/classic mixed drinks (Sapphire Martini anyone?) at the very least….

  6. Jay

    Thanks everyone!
    So everyone can see how it actually works……Flip down the front face flap and a brass rings springs up and stops so you can slide a bottle or can through the ring as it rest on the inner side of face plate. 🙂 Sorry…it doesn’t hold a pint glass, wine bottle or a 40 once 😦 It was more of a fun novel idea that turned into a functional night life addition. If you are a Colorado local, please come join us at the “Big Beers and Barley Wines Fest.” in Vail Jan.9-11 for a up scale twist to beers with a 8%achl content or higher.

    Thanks again everyone, I’ll keep in touch with what we come up with next!

    Jay K.
    Beer Clothing Company

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