It’s Another Bloody Holiday

NewYorkCitySometimes we DO care how the hell they do it in New York.  And today is one of those times.  According to a variety of news sources, December 1st marked the 75th anniversary of what well-seasoned drinkers refer to as The Breakfast of Champions, but what is more commonly known as the Bloody Mary.  While the popular libation was created by Frenchman Fernand Petiot in 1920’s Paris, it was not perfected until he landed in New York City, where he most graciously incorporated Tabasco into the mixture.

A little history reveals that the popular drink was originally called the “Red Snapper” because the term bloody was considered too harsh for a drink in the 1930’s.  Makes perfect sense considering the concoction evolved between two famously gory world wars… Nonetheless, here on the Alaskan coast, a red snapper refers to many things… but most commonly, it is a rockfish (which can be made into a tasty meal that goes quite well with a couple of Mary’s.)

As you may have discovered, we really don’t need a holiday to justify inbibing around here: Alaska is as much a “drinking culture” as any other place in the world, excepting that maybe our demographics include an unusually high percentage of Professional Drinkers.  Furthermore, since we are always light years behind the trends that originate on the East Coast, I think it is perfectly acceptable to prolong this 75th anniversary celebration into an all-out season so that we too can partake in the merriment and share the joy of the season.

That said, I would very much like to participate in the boozy goodness of this Bloody Mary holiday season by sharing my personal favorite recipe with you!

WSW’s Breakfast of Champions

To begin, always ask yourself or whomever you are mixing for, “Would you like your rim salted or not?

If the answer is yes, grin politely and then run a wedge of lime around the rim of a tall glass and then dip it in margarita salt.  (If the answer is no, then it is safe to assume they are amateurs, so treat them accordingly.)

Next, fill the glass with plenty of ice.Beautiful Bloody Marys

Mix the following directly onto the ice:

1 1/2 shots of Vodka (Stoly’s is nice)

2-3 shakes of Worcestershire Sauce

Just a dash of Tabasco

A pinch of seasoned salt

A pinch of fresh ground pepper

A pinch-plus of celery salt

A heaping spoonful of hot horseradish

Tomato Juice or V-8 (depending on how bad your hangover is…)

Stir it all gently, so as not to disturb the salt, then garnish with a lemon wedge, lime wedge, and pickled asparagus or beans, celery, peppers… whatever you can stomach after last night’s festivities.

Past experience shows that after a couple of these babies, you will have officially drank yourself pretty, and the rest of your day is like a walk in the park.  But not Central Park.

Happy Bloody Mary Anniversary Month!  Now get mixing!

*Thanks to for NY pic

*Thanks to NY for Bloody Mary pic



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7 responses to “It’s Another Bloody Holiday

  1. Any word why this became mostly a breakfast drink?

    Your recipe sounds good. Like you, it’s spicy.

  2. dustybee

    I think it’s most popular in the morning-after-the-night-before time frame because it is chocked full of vitamins and minerals and booze and things that are supposed to replenish your body after overindulgence has occurred (theoretically, the night before… however, not everyone consumes only at night, so this healing meal-in-a-cup is perfectly acceptable during any time frame, in any time zone).

  3. Excuse the shit out of me if I ruin your party since it’s 5 AM in Alaska, but it aint the fuckin vitamins and minerals that perks your ass up. It’s the fuckin vodka raisin the goddam ethanol level in your bloodstream and it feels good cause it makes your fuckin brain stop screamin for it. While I agree that drinkin vodka laced vegetables in the morning is no more dangerous than drivin down fuckin I-5 at 85 mph talkin on your cell phone and puttin on your fuckin make-up at the same time, but be aware that when you stop botherin with the tomato juice and take it right out of the bottle the next step is switchin fuckin ethanol for isopropyl and that’s good for a one way trip to Bum’s Jungle. I’ll save you a spot round the burn barrel. You know I know what the fuck I’m talkin about.

  4. dustybee

    Well. I stand corrected! It’s the f-ing vodka raisin! Who knew?

  5. Nothin takes the fun out of morning drinking like knowing it’s a fuckin symptom.

  6. It’s rare you’ll find me drinking alcohol before the sun sets. But there’s something to be said for sipping a horrseradishy Bloody Mary at brunch (le sigh).

  7. PJ,
    Good thing you don’t live in Barrow. The sun is either up for three months at a time or down. Huh. I’m not sure which would be worse….

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