Get Over It

I want it to be over.  I really want to pretend like it never even happened.  I am not referring to any good love gone bad, nosiree, but rather to Alaska Governor Palin’s unprecedented and endless bask in public infamy.   Now, it appears that some documentary filmmaker flew to Wasilla this past week to interview Miz Palin for a “media malpractice” documentary on how Obama got elected, or what I will blithely refer to as,  It’s Over. You Lost. Get Over It.

While there are some poignant moments when you won’t be able to decide whether to hug, noogie, or just flat-out bitch-slap her, the interview evokes just enough of her patent (pending?) dissociated ramblings to help you choose.  The focus here is the corrupt bloggers and spineless media that are capitalizing on her persona.  You talkin’ to me?  Oh girl, I know you’re not talkin’ to me!

It was her choice to accept the nomination, and in doing so, she essentially waived the right to privacy – of herself and her family.  However, she brought our State into a less-than-flattering limelight, one that  Alaskan voters never signed on for either…  Nonetheless, the people have spoken and by golly, I’m glad they listened!

That said, I do not perceive her as a victim of unfair media.  You check this out and tell me what YOU think.  My favorite part is when she states with apparent confidence that we all would have liked her if she was Obama’s running mate instead….

I don’t think so.  Now, Tina Fey… that’s another story.



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3 responses to “Get Over It

  1. I didn’t watch the video, but oddly, I think I would have liked her (well, not stopped liking her) if she were Obama’s running mate.

    Hey! How’s this for an exit strategy: Obama offers her a mid-level bureaucrat job back in D.C. so she can finally leave Alaska and STFU.

    On the other hand, having the republitards put her up as their standard bearer in 2012 guarantees an Obama re-election.

  2. Women Who Run With The Wolves

    I seriously think, she is becoming “un-hinged” So desperate for the camera, a true media Whore.

    Never mind what’s happening to our State right now and the plight of the interior regarding the price of fuel. So many pressing issues to deal with and she just wants to….Boo-hoo! It’s not my fault that I dragged my kids on stage with me. It’s not my fault that I called Obama a terrorist, oh wait he is palling around with a terrorist. It’s not my fault that I helped incite hate towards him and his family. It’s not my fault that I couldn’t answer basic questions from Katie Couric. It’s never my fault, everyone is picking on me. If you question me or my motives, you are then “picking” on me.

    She is seriously a piece of work…Thanks, but NO thanks!

  3. atanos

    Media Malpractice is a joke. Zieglar is attacking the wrong group of people. It is the media’s job to report the facts and the stories – not opinions. The media cannot be held accountable for reporting what people say about political figures. Ziegler is angry at the media for portraying others’ opinions. He shouldn’t be angry with them, he should be angry at himself for liking a candidate who says stupid things in front of a camera.

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