A Return to Joy

It was a dark and bloggy night… when the WSW finally got herself bellied back up to the laptop and returned to the fold.  I had been suffering from a case of The Block, due not so much the lack of inspiration, as to the lack of location. and internet access. and time. and joie de vivre.  All at once.writersblock

Admittedly, the World of Blog kept on turning without my fluffy epiphanies, and most of the time I was blissfully otherwise occupied (read: discombobulated) enough to not even notice…. but when all the planets lined up just so, I found myself with a day off, internet access, and a place to think and write.  All at once.  And that was when, if only for a stolen moment, there was a return to joy.

Channeling the likes of Joe the Homeless and Joe the Plumber, I got to thinking that things could be much worse all the way around. And they have been.  Surviving these interludes of all-around darkness requires one hellova lot more than just perseverance and luck.  It might require visiting a tanning bed (the irony of which slays me, considering that the fine art of homelessness includes the ongoing search for a bed) for improved cheerfulness and vitamin D; and it most definitely incorporates an attitude of gratitude in conjunction with a change in perspective.

gratitude crystalWith temps hovering in the teens right now, and the national economy in a mighty low trough, many people are experiencing the crunch of winter blues in new and uncomfortable ways.  Ironically, the temps in the Middle East are considerably more comfortable where it seems a meteorological travesty that people are bombing the Bejesus out of each other.  That I am gainfully employed and able to obtain food and shelter ought to be enough. That my net equity, when measured in shares of family, friends and health, puts me in the bracket of the likes of Bill Gates, is enviable beyond doubt.  That the availability of luxuries such as internet access and writing space are at a premium is the crux of my recent descent into internet obscurity, is forgivable at best.  Please be patient with me, I’m on a huge learning curve!!!

Belated Happy New Year, and also Happy Russian Orthodox Christmas, celebrated here by russian-xmas-starringmany of the original Alaskans, though anyone can use it as an excuse to keep your lights up a bit longer!)  Meanwhile, I think I might be coming back into the light myself.


Thanks to nps.gov for the starring pic



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3 responses to “A Return to Joy

  1. Oh! Thanks for making another post! My lungs were aching from holding my breath.

  2. dustybee

    Exhale slow. I just posted another one right on top. xoxxo

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