Inauguration Perk

wild-thingWhat an amazing day this is!  And if seeing all the celebrating is wearing you out, take a break and make yourself something pretty with the obamicon! According to the website,

The longest election season in memory is now over, and we wanted to help you unwind and express yourself as we head into the new era.

Make your own “Obamicon” — your image in a style inspired by Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster. Regardless of your candidate of choice in the 2008 election, here’s your chance to sound-off.

Take your picture with a webcam or upload a photo, choose your own message, and submit to the gallery.

Have fun! As you can see, I sure did!

Postscript:  “Hottie” was added by special request from the photo-artist hisself, Ish.




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5 responses to “Inauguration Perk

  1. Ish

    Where’s the Hottie one?

  2. Not so mysterious

    Hey girl, so over and slum at Halcro’s blog. He’s helping. Maverick on the rocks is selling like goodies out of our display case!

  3. dustybee

    Love may be blind, but lust has no taste buds. Here’s your Hottie.

  4. Hey! I woke up to your sweet fun comment on my bloggie and now I’m all a-tingle and bashful-like. See me with my bed-head and jammies, peeking over my coffee mug and blushing?
    Now I already know I’m going to be late dropping my kiddo off at school because I want to peruse your awesome looking blog and dink around with that obamicon thing!
    Thanks for starting my day in a gleeful way! B seein ya!

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