The Calm Before the Fleet

Mid-February.  Yawn.  Here in coastal Southeast it is that quintessential mean low plateau that nestles quietly between the winter holidays and herring season.  Sitka in February: a time and place where the word zen falls between holidays and herring….  It’s the calm before the fleet.

For many of us, funds are low, business is slow, and significant others (including children and animals) are starting to get moldy and/or annoying.  Way too much time is spent updating your status on Facebook, and not enough time is given to routine housekeeping and maintenance.  While the coastal environment continues to eat itself, and the perpetual Palin debacle persists ad nauseaum, I am resigned to enjoying the remaining days of winter by utilizing the least amount of energy necessary.  Usually….


The other night, however, we enjoyed a feast of tarted-up cornish game hens replete with all the fixings.  Instead of doing the beer can-chicken on the grill, Mr. BBQ stuffed apple juice cans up their miniature posteriors and I dressed them up in Chictoria’s Dirty Little Secret Foil Fashions for a decadent meal of unprecendented sumptiousness.  In this case, the picture tells the story.

To read about fowl that left a different legacy, check out Mike the Headless Chicken.  As for me, I am going back to sleep.  It’s only about four more weeks until all hell breaks loose and the spawn is on. By golly, a girl needs her rest.

*Thanks to Cyn for the pic!  And to Scott for the grub!



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5 responses to “The Calm Before the Fleet

  1. When I worked as small animal technician in Petland, I once accidentally dropped a hamster in a bucket of mopwater and he died which still gives me nightmares on occasion. Which is to say, I could never behead a chicken. Not even if I knew it would live. Although I eat them all the time. One time, I even ate a guniea pig. Greetings from Chicago.

  2. OMG. I just noticed the hens were wearing tinfoil UNDERWEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dustybee

    Well now. Thank you for sharing THAT story! Perhaps now you can understand why these little chickees were “humanized” with foil lingerie…

  4. Women Who Run With The Wolves

    Wait a minute…I thought they had on tinfoil undergarments, so “Space Alians” couldn’t have their way with them? You know, kinda like the movie Signs, with Mel Baby. Ohhhh wait a minute, they were wearing tinfoil hats in that movie. Never know, I bet Mel had on a pair of tight tinfoil undies…maybe even tinfoil thong undies! One of those Hens might have been named Mel!

  5. I didn’t know we were supposed to cover their privates before we cooked them. I am very disappointed in Martha for never letting the millions of beer can chicken connoisseurs in on her naughty little secret. Shame on Martha Stewart!

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