When Life Hands Ya Lemons…


This blog has just received the LEMONADE blogger award! Am told that it is bestowed on blogs that show great attitude and/or gratitude.  Yer guess is as good as mine as to how the WSW might have earned this honor… What I mean is that I don’t remember going home with any judges last night….

All the same, here’s a big thank you to Naturelady at Borealkraut for the nomination.  Be sure and check out her newest blog, Borealkitchen, for a Euro-flavored gastronomical adventure.  Just seeing the homemade spaetzle recipe made my eyes and mouth water!

Next, in the spirit of paying it forward, I nominate the following bloggers for the LEMONADE award in recognition of their inspirational, controversial, and downright educational bloggage:

(1) Ishmael at Kodiak Konfidential for continuously managing to find the humor in bad situations.  Thelemon-syrup icing being his perpetually cranky, curmudgeon-y, blogalicious attitude that keeps me riveted every time I pop the lid on my laptop.  And most importantly, because Ish (and his illegitimate twin, El Sando) are the bona fide baby-daddies of the WSW blog.  No schitt, Sandman. Ish, ya knew it all along… the rabbit died.

(2) Joe the Homeless at Bums Jungle News for his profile quote, “I don’t answer to nobody, I don’t owe nobody nothing, I don’t dance to nobody’s tune and if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass.”  Also, because I know that he will hit me with a steaming torrent of f-bombs and other poetic missiles simply for nominating him, and for some reason, that gets me kinda hot.

(3) Writing Raven at Alaska Real for being incredibly talented, forthright, insightful, and OMG! she’s like twenty-something.  If this chickee is the future of Alaska’s women and men, I think the Palin machine is gonna rust up just fine.

(4) Black Hockey Jesus at The Wind in Your Vagina for having a blog called “The Wind in Your Vagina.”  This one is a Daddy Blog, a genre I have only recently come in contact with: a hilariously plucky perspective that continues to rock my world while simultaneously reminding me of how much I love children (with lemon pepper and salt, of course.)

(5) This last spot is a menage-a-tie between We’re Not That Stupid, Fiery Blazing Handbasket, and The Immoral Minority.   These three little blogs are written by four savvy Alaskan quasi-political pundits that  fearlessly research, report, elucidate and pontificate on all the stuff that makes my brain itchy.   These writers bring to mind a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte, “I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets.” Well Mr. B., around these parts, that is just foreplay.

To the winners:  I thank each and every one of you for making me laugh, cry, and yearn to dedicate fiesty lemon libations in your honor.

Now, one more thing.  If you want to pay it forward, here are the rules:
1. Put the lemonade stand logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link this post to the person from whom you received your award.


To everyone else, remember this:  When life hands ya lemons, grab the ice, the salt, some tequila, and by all means, a friend!



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6 responses to “When Life Hands Ya Lemons…

  1. Well thank you very much dustybee.

    It is always very gratifying to have your work recognized by fellow bloggers.

    Now I must go and check out some of your other winners so that I can be introduced to other well written blogs.

  2. Hey thanks! I’m all a tingly! Aint life wacky?!?! I was the one who gave my buddy across the valley, NatureLady, HER award!

  3. Very nice. Thank you so much for the mention, and for reading. I’m blushing.

  4. Satmar Roman

    This is one of the most interesting and best-written blogs around. Please keep writing. More awards will come!

  5. dustybee

    Thank you. I am flattered and then some. Hey, someone has to tell these stories… 😉

  6. Thanks. I’ve been readin you since you posted http://whatever.scalzi.com/author/scalzi/
    November 08 & I got the feelin you fuckin been there. Your writing also makes me dream of Alaska. Thanks again.

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