Don't let the door hit ya...With only a few fun-filled days remaining until V-AK Day, one dare not speculate what sort of wacky hijinks our future ex-Gov might get into before the Relief Gov comes a-slouching into Bethlehem.   Alas, only time will tell…  Time, People, Letterman, Beck, The Star… all of the ever-vigilant media, that is.

My secret hope is that she follows her own analogy and goes with the flow right out of America’s scuppers; the reality, however, is that she will most likely fall hard into the starboard side of the political lazarette and flip-flop around until someone tosses her over.  Oops.  Well, you read it here first:  I lose more husbands that way.

We were just going with the flow
We were just going with the flow

It doesn’t matter how you feel about Sarah Palin, the bottom line is that she has left an indelible mark on people across the state, nation, and blogosphere.  Possessing a terrifying combination of confidence, attractiveness, unattainability, a flair for secrecy and exotic elocution,  the future ex-Gov definitely emits a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her equally irresistable to fan and foe alike.

One particularly troubling aspect of her rising star is that pesky love-hate relationship with media in all its forms.  She plays to the people but resents the reviews.  According to a well-worn adage of Alcoholics Anonymous, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Or, as the amazing girl from Homer succinctly re-stated in response to Palin’s recent attack on the tv/radio/blog babe, “The Lady protests way too much.”   

This can also happen if you go with the flow
This can also happen if you go with the flow

The bottom line is that a significant demographic of America’s voting populace thrives on a steady diet of virtual reality information that is predominantly gleaned from the internet superhighway in various modes of  hard news, eclectic bloggage, utube, or still-tweeting roadkill.  We aren’t going away and neither, it seems, is Sarah Palin.  That said, she might well reconsider her definition of going with the flow.  Hailing from a comprehensive fisheries background, I can attest with confidence that more than just dead fish go with the flow.   In fact, I am a well-known aficionado of the catch-n-release-significant-other policy, and have no qualms about applying it to my elected officials.  In other words, Miz P, can I call you a cab?

Some WSWomen have nice Zambonis
Some WSWomen have nice Zambonis

As for the incoming Governor Parnell, I am thinking that he will have to arrive on a big-ass political Zamboni if he intends to resurface the image of our State post- Hockey Mom.   This visual does not confound me nearly as much as the really big question:  If he’s coming into position this late in the game, will he still have that delicious new-governor-smell?

In closing, I must digress slightly to something that I recently jacked from the Immoral Minority, who apparently jacked it from u-tube.  I reckon if due credit is given, then it’s not really considered “jacking,” is it?  Regardless, it is brutally funny and too good to keep to myself.

PHOTO CREDITS:  Thanks to this site for the political demotivational poster, to Richard Neubauer for fishing griz pic, to these blokes for the B & W dead fish pic, and finally to youse guys for the Zamboni photo!

7 thoughts on “Forget FEMA, we got the Zamboni

  1. I gotta jack the word “scuppers” in my next review. Also “plays to the people but resents the reviews.” Brilliant.

  2. Ha ha ha!! Loved the Palin YouTube video! nice one! That would have to be a 4-wheel drive Zamboni if Parnell is going to manage that feat. Maybe we can get one of those car-fresheners in “new governor” scent, and hang it on the Zamboni!

  3. I hope the move doesn’t mean you’ll stop posting! Please keep bloggin’. (BTW: loved the hockeymamaforobama quitting song.)

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