Who is the Well Seasoned Woman?

Can I make a suggestion?
Or are you just happy to see me?

A former wild child living in Southeast Alaska, currently a self-described “spawned out old broad,” the WSW still believes in Santa, is still a hellion at heart, and still yearns to build a still in the basement so she can finally do something productive down there besides laundry.   Her greatest claim to fame is the one child (that she knows of), her lovely and equally ornery daughter, Calamity Jr.  For some uncanny reason, this fruit of her womb not only claims her, she occasionally phones or texts just to chat!

A longtime single mother experiencing occasional interludes of marriage further peppered with meaningless-yet-oddly-romantic liaisons involving potential future ex-husbands, the WSW has been a bona fide job-slut in the workforce.  Not exactly the epitome of commitment, a few of her less-unsavory  vocations have included operating a contract boat and house painting business, rock wall construction laborer, bartender, library assistant, fitness trainer, rock rabbit in a gold mine, production assistant for a Disney movie and a commercial, Pioneers’ Home recreation aide, postal clerk, log-peeler, horse-stall cleaner, and oh so many years commercial fishing the Gulf of Alaska.

Seeing as work is entirely over-rated, the WSW returned to academia recently to pursue a degree so that she can say things like, “Would you like fries with that?” with some authority.  When not frequenting all the standard university haunts, the WSW adores the woods, the beach, and wide open spaces.  Partial to angsty music and happy people, she attributes her Pollyanna worldview to a steady flow of comedy, the slightest trickle of whiskey, and the best dang posse on the planet.


17 thoughts on “Who is the Well Seasoned Woman?

  1. Have you had your coffee yet today? Congrats on the blog, your friend in Kodiak sent me here. Cheers!

  2. Seasoned? I like mine with a little salt and lime.
    The Rock just aint the same without you!!!!

  3. I remember looking out my bedroom window, watching one hell of an iced up Packer coming up over the horizon heading into Sitka for the Spring (yes, I did say Spring) Sac Roe Herring fishery. The words that I muttered out of my mouth was, “Oh my God”! That crew has been up all night with baseball bats breaking off the ice build up.

    That was one cold spell we had in March…..we never did get a Summer Berry season because of that cold snap. When that Packer made it to the docks, people were stunned at the amount of ice, and if I remember right, you made the front page news with a picture.

  4. Well, my my, I got honorable mention on your bio page! And if I’d read it sooner I might have noticed that my reply-comment-harasser-post name is supposed to be Calamity Jr. I would have known sooner, but I just got back from sailing and only now have time to read the archives. Can you ever forgive me, Ma?
    I love you the mostest!
    PS. You left out more vocations than you included! What gives!?

  5. Hey I need someone with lots of talent to help write up a short “spiffy” story for print….are you game? Let me know. Thanks!

  6. I HereBy Proclaim Myself President of the Chicago Chapter – nay the Entire Fucking Midwestern Chapter – of the WSW Fan Club.

  7. I am Not Worthy!!! Am utterly humbled that you would even come a-slummin’ over to these here parts! tee hee

  8. Hey girl you go girl. Love reading your blogs. I ‘m so lucky to have a friend like you. I love you sheree

  9. Lets start our own Belly Dancing Posse! Love your energy!
    Did you see the Sentinel last night??? The headline stole my idea! Dang!
    The end is in sight…hating it! 😦
    I need to process some information with someone other than Black sheep…although misery loves company!

  10. Wanting to send out a Call for Submissions for photography for an annual Alaska Seafood Industry calendar. There’s some great photos here but no credits…



  11. Hey Robin,
    All the photos that can be credited ARE credited at the bottom of each blog entry. If there are specific photos you have in mind, please write me and I will see if I can be of assistance.

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